User guide

When you start the taxEstimator a window containing a toolbar with 7 icons at the top, and a larger area below containing the fields for entering tax payer data and displaying the refund calculation results.

The fields are contained on 5 panels, and the first 5 icons on the toolbar control which form panel is displayed. An additional 2 panels are assigned to the Menu icon - 1 for the menu panel and another for the Configuration panel.

Each of the panels is shown on the Screenshots page.

You can use the Next button to move from the current panel to the next in the list, or you can move directly to a form panel by selecting the proper icon on the toolbar.

Personal income Set tax year, filing status and tax payer (and spouse) employment income and withholding.
Dependents Input number and type of dependents.
Other income Enter input from sources other than employment.
Expenses Input expenses and deductions.
Refund Show the amount of refund (or taxes owed) and other calculator information.
Clear Clears all input fields and returns focus to the first panel.
Menu The menu panel allows saving and loading of tax payer information, and server configuration.

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