There are several methods for obtaining support for the taxEstimator project:


Community Support
  • The primary support mechanism for this open source project is the open source community itself. This is provided by the Project Forums.

  • The following forums are (currently) available:

    taxEstimator For discussion of all things related to taxEstimator.
    taxEngineServer Anything related to the RushTaxOS taxEngine and taxEngineServer.
    Help For requesting help with a specific problem.
    Developers A discussion forum for anyone extending or making changes to the software, including new ideas.


Software Defect Reporting
  • The second support mechanism is provided by utilizing the taxEstimator Software Defect Reporting tool.

  • There are categories for reporting taxEstimator operation, installation, taxEngineServer, and taxEngine related problems, as well as a catch-all category.

  • The defect reporting tool is available at:

  • http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=257293


Instant Messenger
  • And, finally, Instant Messenger support is provided via MSN Instant Messenger at

  • EarthWalkSoftware@live.com

  • Obviously, this form of support assumes that someone is online when you have the problem or question.

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