taxEstimator Installation

The following steps can be followed to install the taxEstimator desktop software.

  1. taxEstimator comes configured to use the installed taxEngineServer at

    • taxestimator.orgfree.com

    The complete url to the taxEngineServer is:

    • http://taxestimator.orgfree.com/SOAP/taxEngineServer/serverindex.php


    If you want to host the taxEngineServer, download the taxEngine Library and install the taxEngineServer (see below).

  2. Download and install the PocketSOAP COM object (see below).

  3. Navigate to a temporary directory and download taxEstimator from the SourceForge File Release System. The release can be found at the following URL:

  4. Unzip the downloaded archive file and click on the file named setup.exe. You may get a message about no certificate - proceed with the installation.

    taxEstimator utilizes the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. If it is not already installed on your system, it will be installed by the setup program.

  5. At the completion of the installation/setup process, taxEstimator will automatically start. Click on the Menu button on the icon button bar. The menu panel will be displayed, as below:

  6. Locate and click on the Configuration button in the bottom right corner of the menu panel. The Configuration panel will be displayed, as below:

  7. In the taxEngineServer group, you can configure the following parameters:

    Host The host name or ip address of the taxEngineServer.
    Port The port number (80) for the SOAP server.
    Scheme The HTTP scheme used. Currently, this is either http or https.
    Service The relative path to the taxEngineServer.

  8. The Tax years group allows configuration of the earliest tax year supported and the current tax preparation year:

    First tax year The earliest tax year supported. (2006)
    Current tax year The current tax preparation year (2008).

  9. When the modifications are completed, click on the Update button to update the configuration and return to the Menu panel.

  10. taxEstimator is now ready for use. The files in the temporary directory can be removed.

    Refer to the user documentation section for instructions on how to use the program.

PocketSOAP Installation

The PocketSOAP COM object is self-installing.

  1. Navigate to a temporary folder and download the PocketSOAP COM object:

  2. After the download has completed, click on the downloaded file to automatically install the COM object.

RushTaxOS taxEngineServer Installation

taxEngineServer is contained in the full release of the RushTaxOS taxEngine Library.

The following steps can be used to install taxEngineServer:

  1. Navigate to a temporary folder and download the RushTaxOS taxEngine Library from the following location:

  2. Unzip and extract the contents to the installation root directory.

  3. Navigate to the install root and open the taxEngineDocumentation folder.

  4. Click on UserGuide.pdf and follow the instructions in Chapter 5 to configure your server.

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